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rhema development making a successful website

At Rhema Development, we understand the complexity of a website. When it comes to development or redesign of a website. It is vital to take into consideration what makes one successful. 

Here we are going to discuss areas that will make your website a success.

1. Easy Navigation

Navigation is all about making it easy for someone to find what they are looking for. The harder it is to find something, the quicker the visitor will jump off the website. 

2. 3 second or less load time

When a website is slow, visitors will assume there is something wrong and bounce off. Slow load times will always lead to higher bounce rates. To keep people engaged, every page has to load within 3 seconds.

3. Responsive on every device

With technology ever increasing. People are using mobile devices, or devices that have smaller screens. Though that does not mean people are not using desktop or tablets. So it is important to build a website that will function without any issues on various websites. 

Use Rhema Development for example. You can go from one device to another and see every detail of the website clearly. This is because our coding is created to meet every visitor where they are. 

4. Clear and concise communication

This is where a lot of people miss their visitor. Just having a lot of information, does not mean you are being clear or concise. Give people the information they need quickly with minimal words. 

5. Effective visuals

Make sure all the photos are clear and of the same dimension. Photos of a website will make a website look cheap or expensive. Just a small change in the image quality can make a website standout from the competition.

6. No broken links

The worst thing is clicking on something and not going where you thought. Worst, going to a webpage that is not what was advertised. Even worst, find yourself on a 404 error page or a page that seems to be non-existent. These are what we call broken links. They are not taking you to a page advertised.

7. Easy checkout (E-Commerce)

This is for those who like to make money selling. A checkout experience needs to be easy to navigate and quick to collect payment. Give a customer an easy checkout experience and you will see your revenue increase.

8. SSL Encryption

When a website is not secure, then people will run and never return. Make sure you have all the necessary security features in place to protect your visitors information. 

9. Effective Call To Action (CTA)

This is what tells your visitors what to do. If they are not told to do something, then no one will do anything. It is important to make sure your buttons give a clear message to a visitor, because it could turn a visitor into a shopper quickly.

10. Effective Contact Us Page

Sometimes people just want to message someone. This page is vital for keeping the connection with a person. Someone who wants to fill out this page is more likely to do business with you. After all, they are taking the time to contact you. This means, they are interested in something. Keep this page up to date to ensure you never miss a opportunity to connect. 

To implement these 10 steps is complex. Make sure you higher the professionals who can help you with them. At Rhema Development, we have the years of experience to implement all of these features and more to ensure you have the best website online. 

Why not message us and see how we could help you online. 

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